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The thought process behind the creation of MYTSWIF Technologies, LLC has been derived from my 20 plus years of experience working for some of the most amazing companies with a very diverse, culturally seasoned multitude of innovative thinkers, leaders, and doers. I have been blessed enough to work with and/or be in the same room with some of the best talents in the industry, anchored here in the DMV and not limited to the domestic US.

My background in the industry started with a focus on Corporate File and Print environment leveraging Microsoft Active Directory and Novell Network Directory Structure. The next progressive step was Internet/ DMZ environments which I have a proven track record in both E-Business and Enterprise Data Centers Solutions. 

During my period in E-Business space, I started looking at virtualization for labs around Type I and Type II hypervisors (Hyper-V, VMware GSX, ESX, Workstation,) which is known as virtualization of server and desktop OS, resources and has grown to now Software-Defined Data Center. So the industry and Enterprise went from Server Consolidation and Virtualization of Servers to SAN's (Storage Area Network), Networks and Network Stack to VDI - (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Working with the then and now market leaders in this space VMware and Citrix.

The next logical progression was Cloud Computing, execution of hands-on implementation and configuring working through the technical integration challenges for customers environments while showing speed to market and build more inline with the inherent values of virtualization ROI just not on prim but with quicker ROI for some companies. Experience with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.


@ MYTSWIF Technologies, LLC, We are already looking forward to the new groundbreaking innovations to support the industries and Enterprise needs by getting businesses of any size to realizing the value in Cloud Services and what that might look like for them and the Business future. In some cases extend exiting on-prem solutions so that they can capitalize on the ROI of Data Center Consolidation weather that looks like an All in Cloud or Hybrid model of services. 

Helping to navigate and understand where they may want to go in the future, i.e., leveraging Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mix Reality, etc. Or any of these value-added services that can be leverage via Cloud Computing.

We @ MYTSWIF Technologies, LLC are passionate about the future of technology, innovation and would love to work with you on your business innovative journey. 

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